Toon Boom Harmony角色口型配音同步教程

譯文: 通過利用方法和方法在過程中你 ' 就能開始使用您自己的嘴唇同步項目與信心,同時也有很多的樂趣。我們 ' ll 開始通過繪制不同音素嘴表達式為我們將用于口型的性格。從這里我們 ' ll 了解映射我們音素要同步到一些進口的音頻使用自動唇同步功能。之后這我們 ' 將探討如何使用聲音元素編輯器來為我們的音頻編輯同步的不同嘴表達式的位置。此外我們 ' 將學到如何,我們可以手動編輯我們嘴巴詞語在時間軸中通過使用數據和庫視圖。最后,我們 ' 將探討如何使用 x 表來編輯我們的嘴表達式,以進一步細化我們的嘴唇同步。注意︰ 即使我們使用香椿繁榮和諧為本演示中,一切我們 ' 會介紹將適用于動畫和動畫 Pro。 原文: By utilizing the methods and approaches in the course you'll be able to get started with your own lip sync projects with confidence while also having a lot of fun.We'll begin by drawing different phoneme mouth expressions for our character that will be used for lip syncing. From here we'll learn about mapping our phonemes to be synced to some imported audio using the auto lip sync feature. Following this we'll explore how we can use the sound element editor to edit the placement of different mouth expressions that are synced to our audio. In addition we'll learn how we can manually edit our mouth expressions in the timeline by using the data and library views. Finally, we'll explore how we can use the x-sheet to edit our mouth expressions to further refine our lip sync.NOTE: Even though we are using Toon Boom Harmony for this demonstration, everything that we'll be covering will be applicable to both Animate and Animate Pro.

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