譯文: 歡迎光臨快速啟動的索具在瑪雅人??焖賳邮且幌盗械奶厥鈽嬙煺n程旨在在序列中跟隨,包括有價值的練習以鞏固所學的概念。這些快速入門的課格式將類似于其他數字導師的入門培訓。我們 ' ll 經過瑪雅 ' s 操縱工具非常有條理的方式,確保支付工具和技術是最重要的使您能夠快速啟動并運行。每個卷的快速啟動將基礎上以前的體積,使我們能夠逐步建立一個復雜的項目進入完成狀態。這些任務將挑戰你采取的技能,你 ' ve 學特定卷并將它們應用到不同的資產。這些課程旨在采取序列中,所以我們真的鼓勵你開始與此卷,一路進行卷 5,所有這樣你可以利用定期任務途中得到充分的學習經驗。 原文: Welcome to the Quick Start to Rigging in Maya. Quick Starts are a series of specially constructed courses meant to be followed in sequence and include valuable exercises to reinforce learned concepts. The lesson format for these Quick Starts will be similar to other Digital-Tutors introductory training. We'll go through Maya's Rigging Tools in a very methodical way, making sure to cover the tools and techniques that are most important in enabling you to get up and running quickly. Each volume of a Quick Start will build upon the previous volume, enabling us to progressively build up a complex project into a finished state. These assignments will challenge you to take the skills that you've learned in a particular volume and apply them to a different asset. These courses are designed to be taken in sequence so we really encourage you to start with this volume and proceed all the way through to Volume 5, all so you can take advantage of the periodic assignments along the way to get the full learning experience.

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Maya易經 mental ray渲染技術與原理 (一)

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Maya易經 mental ray渲染技術與原理 (三)

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Maya2014建模入門學習教程(Digital Tutors)

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